Analysis of the Inter-War Period

Occupation of the Rhineland (1936)

Rhineland was demilitarized post WWI under the Treaty of Versailles. Germany had political control in this area but it was not allowed any troops into the Rhineland. German forces remilitarized the Rhineland under Hitler’s control on Saturday, March 7, 1936. If France or Britain were to oppose, the German army was to demilitarize the Rhineland. Hitler had said “If France had then marched into the Rhineland, we would have had to withdraw with our tails between our legs." However France and Britain made no efforts to prevent Germany from militarizing the Rhineland. When France did not interfere, Hitler felt confident he could expand into Eastern Europe. Hitler believed term of Treaty of Versailles were inappropriate for Germany. Germany wanted to remilitarize because Hitler wanted to strengthen its borders, regain the lost control, protect Germany from French attack and economic crisis facing Germany.  
Concepts Surrounding the Occupation of the Rhineland

The major concepts involved were national security, regional security and appeasement and expansionism. 

How the Occupation of the Rhineland Contributed to World War Two

The Occupation of Rhineland was against the Treaty of Versailles because Germany was not allowed to remilitarize the Rhineland area. Due to this, tension among the countries had increased because it was against the Treaty of Versailles. Despite that fact, however, no actions had been taken against Germany by England or France. This gave Germany the opportunity to expand into Eastern Europe. 

Germany remilitarized Rhineland because it wanted to strengthen its borders for national security as well as regional security. Germany believed they had been treated unequally because every other nation was allowed to have an army. Appeasement also played a role because France and Britain did not want to get involved in a war. 

In conclusion, Occupation of Rhineland increased the tension among the countries and greatly contributed to WWII.